About us

We Connect the Women of Ghana Worldwide

As an online free platform, where ever there is an internet connection Mmaa Chat is available. The women of the world have shared experiences that must be told and realized.

Our Story

Mmaa Chat was started as a way to give us women an easy to use way with out any barriers to be able to get important information that can help our daily lives well in to a greater future..

Our Vision

It is the vision of Mmaa Chat that the women of Ghana and all around the world use this platform to share ideas, concepts, best practices and give support to each other as a sisterhood.

A Powerful Ghana Community of Successful Women

We are all in it together, leaning on each other, making it day by day growing stronger by the minute.


Wow, Just wow. To think there is a place we as women can freely network without overly dressing up and paying fees to connect to each other. I am grateful.

Akosua Akomaa

CEO Akomaa Natural Spices

Join Our Blog Team

We are always looking for good bloggers who want to inform the public on various issue effecting the women of Ghana and the world. If you feel you will make a great addition to our growing team, please contact Mmaa Chat and let us know.

It’s not that you are doing to much!

Getting Ahead is Not Easy